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I never told Him


... I just sat in the surgery and wept like a baby. My mum who was also with me could not understand why I was so deeply affected. When she asked me, I said to her “mum, I never told him about the Lord; now he’s gone, I’d never be able to do so”...

Exhort One Another


The long-awaited Year 2000 is here at last. Besides the celebrations that ushered in the year, nothing else appears to be different.  appears like any other  sorts of excuses...

Occupy till I come


Dear friends, we’re already in the second quarter of the year 2003. How quickly the days go by before our eyes. I have never found myself so busy, as I have been in recent times..

The Kingdom is at hand


At Last!

I broke free. Praise the Lord! What a struggle it has been. The enemy has done all within his power to stop me from doing what I know the Lord has asked me to do

Best Reads
God Hates Religion


Can God Hate Religion?

God hates religion? How is that possible, when it is presumed that religion is about God? 

Free Life Insurance


We Need Insurance for things that Matter to Us

Perhaps like me you have insurance policies for almost everything you own

God is Love
God’s Manifest Love

See how very much our heavenly Father loves us, for He allows us to be called His children 

A real Enemy


Beloved, we have a real enemy. He is satan, the devil. He is so evil that I believe the English Language does not provide the right word with which to describe him.

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