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Candle Light


He was young and vibrant like other teenagers, yet focused. He had a sense of purpose and destiny. His life was exemplary and of course he had a great future ahead of him. He was studying for a degree, and was looking forward to making his parents proud. What happened? He had gone home for the weekend as usual. It was as though fate had prepared him to go and bid his family ‘farewell’. Little did they know that was the last time they’d see him on this side of eternity. Usually, on his return to his University apartment, he would ring home to let them know he had arrived safely. No phone call; no text message; this was out of character. His dad made several phone calls; sent text messages … no reply. What’s happening? Restless, he set out the next day to find out what was going on.


He could hear his mobile phone ring as he stood outside the room at this University block. The porters opened the door – and wow!!! There he was lying breathless on his bed. His mobile phone was on the charger; laptop on the table; everything was in its usual place … but he was gone … FOREVER! Yes, he was gone with all the smiles, the laughter, the youthful exuberance. Shocked beyond words; everyone waiting outside his room were horrified and speechless.


Thank God for the life of this young man. He served his God with love and passion. His life was purposeful, albeit, brief. He had touched many lives during his short but memorable life. Only eternity will reveal what happened as post-mortem examinations provided no clue


Well dear reader, that young man had no idea his life would be snapped short at 19 years of age. At the same time, he knew his God, with whom he is now resting.


Life is very short, but many of us never realise this. We all have plans of things we’d like to do with our lives, yet no one knows what would happen the next second. Our lives are like a candle in the wind.  Everyday we hear horrible news of all forms of murders especially of young lives. The world we live in has become more uncertain than ever. Why? It is because many of us have turned our backs on God. He is the only One who can give meaning and purpose to our lives. One day, we shall die and leave this world and stand before God to give account of how we spent our time here on earth. You may be an atheist, agnostic, or one who does not believe there is life after death. Yet it doesn’t change anything. The truth is that GOD IS REAL! It will be too late to die and find out that this is the case.


So, right now, whilst you’re still alive, you have the opportunity to put right all the things that are wrong in your life. It does not matter what your past has been; God is a loving Father. He loves you so much that He sent Jesus to die on the Cross for your sins. What must you do now? It’s very simple; in fact, as simple as A, B, C, D:


A – Admit you are a sinner. That is, agree your life has been a mess and that you need God to sort it out ; for the Bible (God’s word) says we have all sinned and fallen below God’s expectations and that the consequence of sin is DEATH, eternal separation from God. (Romans 3:10, 23; 6:23). So, whether any one believes it or not, the Bible says all men are sinners.


B – Believe that Jesus, God’s own Son paid the price to save you from your sins. God made a Way for the salvation of every one through the death of Christ on the Cross; and there is no other way (John 3:16; John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Romans 5:1-12)


C – Confess your sins to God and ask Him to forgive you. That is, tell God you’re sorry for the bad things you’ve ever done. The Bible says, ‘if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves …’ but if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1: 8-9; Isaiah 43:25)


D – Decide to make Him Lord (put Him in charge) of your life. That is, let Him take over your life from this minute.  Give up your evil ways and accept the new life He is offering you. The Bible says “if anyone is in Christ, s(he) is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:14-17).


If you’re wondering about what to say or how to pray, you can say this simple prayer RIGHT NOW and believe it with all your heart:


“Dear Lord Jesus, I do realise that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. I thank you for taking the punishment for my sins. I’m sorry for every sin I’ve committed and ask you to forgive me. Wash me with your precious blood, and make me clean within. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. I gladly receive you as my Lord and Saviour”. Amen.


If you have prayed this simple prayer, we congratulate you, and would be glad to know about it so that we can send you some helpful literature. In the mean time, find your self a good Bible believing Church and start to attend regularly. This is the start of a brand new experience for you in God. Your old life is gone; you’re now a brand new person, a member of God’s holy family.

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