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My books are captivating, and portray the incredible journey of faith I have embarked on over the years. All my books and publications are stranger than fiction, real and captivating, highly inspirational and challenging. They unlock the secrets for overcoming obstacles and contain keys for winning in life.They encourage us to aspire to know God in a more intimate and personal way and to trust Him in every situation, in our journey through life.

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Your New Life: A Handy Guide to Successful Christian Living

God is not only interested in seeing souls saved He wants them established in the faith through the process of discipleship. This is the very essence of this MUST HAVE book, YOUR NEW LIFE. It is a necessary and timely resource to help new believers grow from ‘Christian Babes’ into maturity in Christ, and a handy guide for existing believers who want to live a successful and victorious Christian life. It is also a tool for discipleship for all believers, churches and Christian organisations who want to fulfill ‘The Great Commission’.


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How does anyone survive abortion, escape rape, murder, abduction, and overcome prejudice, persecution and injustice? Find out as you read this real life account in my book, THE GREATEST DEBTOR TO HIS LOVE AND A TROPHY OF HIS GRACE. This must read book is an incredible account of God’s ability to save and deliver even in the most impossible situations.  It is a book that encourages one never to give up on one’s dreams and aspirations even in the face of persecutions, no matter how long it takes. It is a real eye-opener into how to turn obstacles and challenges into stepping-stones for WINNING in life. The book has a wide-audience appeal. Those who enjoy reading biographies, motivational speakers, current and prospective students studying for a higher degree will find the book inspiring.


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Living for Purpose

Life is not about low long we live, but more importantly, how well – how well in terms of the difference we made in the lives of others, and how much better we leave the world, than how we found it. LIVING FOR PURPOSE is a memorial, to celebrate the illustrious and extraordinary life of a woman who made a difference in her generation; a woman who touched the old and the young, the rich and the poor alike; a woman, who although not physically present on this side of eternity, will never be forgotten. The testimonies and tributes recorded in the book speak for themselves. The book challenges us to reflect on the true meaning of life and what are the personal contributions each one of us is making to impact our world. It appeals to a wide audience and can be used as a motivational and instructional material to inspire and motivate people from all works of life about how to make a difference in the lives of others. It does not matter whether one was born rich or poor, through determination and hard work, we can all make a positive contribution to the world in which we live.



Much more than The Greatest Debtor, The Torch Bearer is even more inspiring. The title of the book itself tells the story.  How do you shine the light of God in the world in spite of the diagnosis of cancer? How do you beam God’s light in a world where darkness seems to penetrate all strata of human existence’? Many who will read this book will find it to be truly inspirational and appreciate what it is to be a true Torch Bearer, whether in sickness or in health, one who would make an even greater impact in the lives of others than carrying the Olympic Flame would. Olympics do come and go, but the lives that we touch every day as we shine His light into the darkness in their lives will remain throughout eternity.


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Your New Life (2nd Edition)

The new edition comes with vibrant pictures and more insights into the secrets for making your life in Christ more exciting. As in the first edition, this second edition also provides a solid foundation for running the Christian race successfully. And for those interested in discipling new believers, it is an indispensable resource.


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This is a life-changing book that empowers women to overcome life's challenges and to face difficulties with determination and resolve. I hope that much more than 'THE GREATEST DEBTOR', readers of this book will find it even more inspiring. The title of the book itself tells the story. Usually when someone is told that they have cancer, their whole world falls apart; everything changes, and a big battle begins. How this battle is won depends on the state of our minds and the words we speak to ourselves. How do you react to such news? How do you prepare yourself for the journey into the unknown that you're about to embark upon? Read this book to find out more.



Why is this book written in the form of a question? It is because it demands an answer from every woman who reads it. The answer will throw some light into much of the confusion in the body of Christ today, especially amongst women. Who is a kingdom woman? What makes her different from every other woman? And what kingdom are we referring to here? By the time we have answered these questions, there will be no doubt in our minds as to what we mean by 'a kingdom woman'. Although this book focuses on women, it is not exclusively for women, and nothing prevents a man from reading it. As a matter of fact, every believing man ought to read it as well so they can gain insights too about what a kingdom man looks like. More importantly, every married man after reading this book should hopefully discover how best to support his wife to live the kingdom life.


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